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Cofio Photography was formed in 2014 by Kelvin Brain, a lifelong photographer with a passion for capturing beautiful images. As his candid, reportage style of photography was becoming more and more popular, many of his contacts were asking him to shoot their weddings, as they were unhappy with standard approach of many dedicated wedding photographers and their use of standard shots, templates and preset looks. Basically time is money to a full time professional photographer. More time means more money.

By limiting the number of weddings per year, we can maintain our creativity, high level of engagement, and ensure that the client has a really individual experience. Meryl (Kelvins wife) and Tina are always assisting throughout the planning and on the day of the ceremony to keep everything on track and let Kelvin focus on the creative aspects of the wedding.

We’re based in Church Village, South Wales but will happily travel any reasonable distance if the engagement feels right. We shoot weddings, portraits, events and any other subjects where a slightly different angle is required from the standard approach on many other photographers.

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South Wales Wedding Photography

Meet Our Team

Kelvin Brain
Kelvin BrainLead Photographer / Creative
Kelvin has a passion for photographing people and nature and is often found wandering the streets of South Wales or London, looking for interesting subjects to capture. On the weekends, you’ll usually find him shooting the beautiful landscapes of South Wales to add to his portfolio of fine art images for sale.
Meryl Wiltshire
Meryl WiltshirePlanner
Tina Davies
Tina DaviesAssistant