A professionally produced portrait is a special thing of beauty

We’re surrounded by digital images these days. Phones, iPads and LCD screens  all do a great job of capturing and displaying an image, but they lack the professional eye and the attention to detail to really bring out the real character of the subject. Lighting makes the biggest difference to how a persons character is portrayed in their portrait. This doesn’t need to be in a studio, as a professional photographer can work with any environmental light source to achieve the desired effect. In addition to this ……. there’s always photoshop, and your secret will be safe with me.

Every person is different – So why get the same studio shots?

We don’t want to rush your portrait session. We want to get to know you, learn a bit about your personality, and then take an image that really captures your personality. It’s such a compliment when your friends say “Oh My God that’s so you. Let’s get together and go for a walk for some natural portrait shots in an environment where you can relax, and most importantly – Be Yourself.

Band Members

We can either setup a specific shoot for promotion or album covers, or just come and shoot you whilst doing your thing at a live event.

Prom Night

Prom night and senior photos are big in the US, and are an ideal way to document a young adults coming of age. In 5 years time, you’ll be so glad that you had a professional portrait of this special time in your childs life.

All grown up

Feel like a superstar model for a few hours and have a real reason to get made up for a glamour shoot. Why not surprise a friend or partner with a portrait shoot as a gift.

Online Proofing Gallery

Our online proofing gallery allows you to view all your images and select what makes the final cut. You can browse your final images at your leisure and purchase a range of framed prints, canvas and even get your images printed on aluminium.

Wide range of products

We prefer to use award winning Loxley Colour in the UK for our albums and wall products as their quality products are second to none, but will happily work with any preferred supplier you have in mind

We shoot ……. anywhere

There are so many wonderful locations in South Wales for location portrait shoots, with light changing throughout the year.

Filmstar for a day

Get exactly the look you want from filmstar to supermodel. We’ll work with you and make your dreams come true.

They grow up so quickly

Photographing children takes time and patience to get just the right look to capture their fun side

Treat the family to a portrait

What better gift than a wonderful memory captured and professionally printed and framed for the home

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